Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our investors a stable income, backed by real estate, while also helping to fill a need for our Nation's seniors. Tuscan Gardens® communities are meticulously crafted in every aspect and detail to create a lifestyle that is vibrant, engaging and fulfilling. This is “The Art of Living With Purpose, Passion & Joy®” and your opportunity to invest in senior living communities from a very early stage.

We believe the demand for senior housing continues to exceed supply.

The Tuscan Gardens Capital Partners team believes that the profound growth dynamics of the American senior population and the “next generation” of senior living communities create a powerful investment environment and positions Tuscan Gardens Capital Partners and its investors for profits. We invite you to be refreshed by our unique perspective and revitalized by a lifestyle beyond compare.

A Timely Investment Whose Time Has Come - The Growing Senior Living Industry

The fastest-growing segment of the population in the United States is the 75-plus age group, which is 10.2% of the population and growing at an accelerating rate. Seniors aged 75 and above are increasing from 19 million to 44 million by 2025 (Census.gov – 2014). This translates to an 8.76% annualized growth rate in our target resident. Further, the US Department of Health has related that roughly 70 percent of adults over the age of 65 will need long-term care at some point in their lives. It is little wonder that demand for senior housing will outstrip supply for at least the next 20 years.

When it comes to demographic shifts, the Graying of America is a mega-trend that has led to the creation of a vibrant seniors housing industry.

Alan PontiusMarcus & Millichap (2017)

Investment Opportunities

When researching investment opportunities, it is imperative to understand the market which you invest and the underlying trends in that industry. Ideally an investor wants to secure their money in a safe and profitable asset, while their dollars are working for a good cause. As to the senior living industry, there is an unprecedented demand for senior living and facilities for the #1 growing population in the United States -- our Baby Boomers. The silver tsunami is literally at our doorstep.

The 81 million Baby Boomers in our country are getting older, living longer, they need proper care, and they are not taking prisoners. We believe a large percentage of these Baby Boomers want to live their golden years in senior communities with the care and amenities to which they are accustomed. Savvy financial experts and community planners are cooperating to build creative facilities that offer turnkey living arrangements and state of the art resident experiences on all levels. This is your opportunity to invest in an asset that is intended to prosper by the demographic shift our country is experiencing while caring for our growing population of seniors.

You are Positioned to Profit from the Graying of America

The largest generation in U.S. history is retiring in masse, and as things stand now, America lacks the senior housing inventory to accommodate them. A staggering 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day, and over the next 15 years, the number of Americans over the age of 50 will swell to 132 million. This means unprecedented demand for everything from active retirement communities with golf and tennis lessons to supported living, assisted living and memory care with a full-time staff of caregivers. The Baby Boomer generation is 27% bigger than the preceding group and a longer life expectancy means they’ll require more services than any generation before or possibly afterward. With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 each day through 2030, record numbers of Americans will exceed the supply of senior living communities, as planning and construction for these communities is far behind the demand needed. You are invited to be a part of Tuscan Gardens® senior living communities across this nation. Investing in Tuscan Gardens® Capital Partners investment products is a way for you to capitalize on this wave.

“44% of the housing units occupied by older adults (13.8 million) were built in 1969 or earlier”

Kenan Institute (2017)

Tomorrow's Baby Boomer Population will differ from those of past decades. In 1950, the U.S. population of those 65 and older was not quite 12 million people; today it is just under 50 million people. By 2030, it is projected to be 70 million people and still accelerating. There will not only be, in just a few short years, more in number, but they will differ from past decades in several ways. They will enjoy longer lives, better health and more active life styles than previous generations. The overwhelming demand is a growing and continuous challenge, as supply in the senior living industry has not caught up with demand—maintaining seniors' precious independence is important and can only be maintained by the development of communities like Tuscan Gardens®.

People are LIVING LONGER – Experts expect 110 to be the average age people live to by 2030. And seniors will soon outnumber children under the age of 5.

SeniorAdvisor.com (2017)

Tuscan Gardens®

The “Art of Living With Purpose, Passion & Joy”

Seniors today are not satisfied with basic assisted living. They desire a meaningful quality of life. Our Mission is “to develop and deliver in our communities an exceptional senior housing experience which ensures an elegant, fulfilling and enriching lifestyle immersed in purpose, passion and joy.”

Tuscan Gardens® Capital Partners offers:

The Fund

Tuscan Gardens® Capital Partners seeks to provide our investors current income and a meaningful “enhancement” through the sharing of liquidity proceeds when a community is sold or refinanced.

Capital Appreciation

Investors also have the potential to secure additional gains when the properties are sold. In addition, the properties are being developed in what professionals believe to be a very conducive commercial real estate market.

Independent Business Cycle

Like all property types, senior housing has its own business cycle. Demand for senior housing is much less affected by the rise and fall of employment and the expansion and contraction of GDP.

New Construction in a Prime Location

The facilities are new, quality construction and are built to last. This helps to ensure “no surprises” for investors or residents, either now or down the road. More importantly, the investment embodies what has been called the greatest asset in real estate: prime location.


The current senior housing market is immature and inefficient, which provides opportunities for investors. Senior housing is a fragmented market with only a few dominant players. Thus, we believe there is opportunity at the local level to create value and deliver performance.

Two components that offer ongoing returns

1. 8% annual cash flow paid monthly after a 60 day processing period.
2. 50% of the net proceeds on a liquidity event.

The information on this site does not constitute a securities offering.

Investing in Real Estate in your own backyard
for Self-Directed Investors

Tuscan Gardens® Capital Partners is your opportunity to take advantage of an investment opportunity in a unique senior living concept through real estate in your local markets

Strategic Advantages of the Tuscan Gardens®
Capital Partners

  • Income PLUS Growth
  • Independent Business Cycle
  • Financially Capable Residents
  • Rising Demand
  • A Discerning Consumer

Tuscan Gardens® Capital Partners

Backed by a dynamic team of investment and senior housing professionals, the fund offers a unique opportunity for forward-thinking investors to be a part of this growing real estate demand.

Today’s Most Valuable Investment has
been Generations in the Making

The senior living industry is your gateway to a booming opportunity to earn recurring monthly income and transform your financial future.