Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked questions about Tuscan Gardens® and how Tuscan Gardens® Capital Partners relates to our Tuscan Gardens® senior living communities. These FAQ’s should address the majority of the questions. Once you have clicked below to register as an accredited investor, we provide additional FAQ’s about the fund itself and the investment process.

What is Tuscan Gardens® Capital Partners?

Tuscan Gardens® Capital Partners is a Florida-based company which sponsors Reg D, Rule 506(c) Offerings which give investors the opportunity to invest in Tuscan Gardens® Senior Living Communities. The current fund is a $25 million, multi-class offering. Tuscan Gardens® intends to continue to build Senior Living Communities as well as acquire strategically across the Southeastern United States, with a focus on Florida.

Is this an investment or an offer for me to be a resident of Tuscan Gardens®?

While we would always be happy to have you as a resident of Tuscan Gardens®, this website is focused on providing information on the merits of an investment in the senior living industry through participating in the development of Tuscan Gardens® branded senior living communities.

What does it cost to be a resident? Is there a significant down payment or equity buy in at Tuscan Gardens®?

Tuscan Gardens® communities reflect what is known in the industry as a “market rent” product. In other words, residents pay a monthly fee which is inclusive of their private residential quarters, food, amenities, assistance, and so forth. There is no equity buy-in like you may experience with a continuing care retirement community or CCRC.

Why do you need me to invest if you have institutional funding?

We do have institutional funding; however, we have deliberately reserved the right to retain a certain portion of that funding so that we can bring in independent accredited investors with us as partners in the Tuscan Gardens® Capital Partners to share in investment returns. That allows us to accelerate our ability to service the needs of our seniors.

How many projects do you expect to develop with current offers?

The current offering is directed towards investing in the development of four properties with our investment partners: Palm Coast, FL, Delray Beach, FL, Orlando, FL, and Columbia, SC.

What Makes Tuscan Gardens® Special?

Tuscan Gardens®s is an upscale senior living model designed to satisfy the upper-income and age demographics across the country. In addition, unlike many senior living communities which have been built in the past twenty years, Tuscan Gardens® is designed to maintain a residential look and feel to maximize the warmth and familiar setting so important for our loved ones.

What kind of special features does Tuscan Gardens® Offer?

Each of the Tuscan Gardens® communities has an exposed Tuscan Kitchen, which is the heartbeat of the residence. It is well documented that the culinary experience for our seniors is an important — if not, critical — part of their daily ritual. Tuscan Gardens® offers that through an exposed Tuscan Kitchen with a Chef onsite and on-demand continuously. In addition, the landscape is not only very attractive and lush but also functional with gardens of herbs, fruit, and vegetables — all designed to be consumed on premises.

Each of our communities will also be equipped for telemedicine. If one of our residents moves in from a distant community, they may still be able to work with their current health care provider. This helps ease the transition into their new home, while also giving them the consistency of care they deserve.

What Kind of Care Does Tuscan Gardens® Provide?

Tuscan Gardens® provides three types of care for our loved ones: supportive living, assisted living, and memory care. By supportive living, we mean “independent living with support.” In contrast to some independent living communities which offer no opportunity for support, the objective of Tuscan Gardens® is to provide the freedom of an independent living community but with a recognition that support is available at a moment’s notice and programmatically. Assisted Living is simply the process of providing assistance for different activities of daily living, or ADL’s, based on the needs of the resident. Memory Care offers assistance for residents who have memory and cognition related issues in the full spectrum of needs from minimal forms of dementia all the way through advanced Alzheimers.

What is the Rate of Return you offer Investors?

We strive for total returns to our investors in the mid- to high-teens. There are two components to the total return. First, our current offering provides an eight (8%) percent annual preferred return which cash flows monthly, after a sixty (60) day compliance period. Second, we provide an additional distribution to our investors of fifty (50%) percent of the net liquidity proceeds upon the refinance or sale of our communities. Said differently, our investors get the first 8% and we split everything on the backside (50%/50%).

The rate of return is not guaranteed and like all investment opportunities, there is a risk of losing your investment.

How Do I Invest?

This website is intended to provide not only basic information you need on the senior housing industry and the Tuscan Gardens® opportunity but also a mechanism for you to be able to access all of the underlying documents. The Offering Documents are attached to this website for your review provided that you are an accredited investor, please review them at your leisure and thoroughly. One of our representatives will be contacting you within the next forty-eight (48) hours. However, should you have questions, in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask us by calling 844.678.TGIF (8443) or the local number at 407.206.6577.

Is there a Minimum Investment?

Yes, there is. The minimum investment is $50,000 and our increments after that are Units of $10,000 each.

Can I Invest with my IRA or other qualified retirement plan?

Yes, you certainly can. Once you are qualified as an accredited investor, we will walk you through the process of investing through an IRA.

Please consult with your financial adviser before investing in your qualified accounts.

How Can I Get More Information about the current offering?

Feel free to call us at any time. Our telephone number is 844.678.TGIF (8443) or the local number at 407.206.6577. You are also welcome to email Sean Casterline, our Managing Director, Private Equity directly at